Timothy Coombs: Stakeholders – Assets or Liabilities in a Crisis?

Timothy Coombs: Stakeholders – Assets or Liabilities in a Crisis?

Timothy Coombs.

Zurich – During a crisis, the preference is for stakeholders to be assets not liabilities to the organization’s crisis management effort. For stakeholders to become crisis assets, management must cultivate relationships before a crisis occurs. Indifference to stakeholders promotes their becoming crisis liabilities. This lecture is built around two related questions: “How are stakeholders assets and liabilities during a crisis?” and “How can stakeholder management promote stakeholders as assets?”.

The presentation explains how stakeholders can benefit an organization during a crisis (asset) or hurt crisis management efforts (liability). More importantly, it explores what pre-crisis actions are likely to produce stakeholders as crisis asset or liability.

Speaker: W. Timothy Coombs
is a full professor in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida, and holds a PhD in Public Affairs and Issues Management from Purdue University. He has received many prizes and awards, including the 2013 Pathfinder Award from the Institute of Public Relations in recognition of both his research contributions and his practical contributions to the field, multiple PRIDE book awards, the 2013 PRIDE Award for top Research Article, the 2013 Dean’s Distinguished Researcher Award for the College of Sciences at the University of Central Florida, and the 2002 Jackson, Jackson & Wagner Behavioural Science Prize from the Public Relations Society of America.

His crisis books include the award-winning Ongoing Crisis Communication, Code Red in the Boardroom, and the co-edited The Handbook of Crisis Communication with Sherry Holladay. His other works include two award-winning books with Sherry Holladay, Public Relations Strategy and Application: Managing Influence and It’s Not Just PR.

Dr. Coombs has worked with governments and consulting firms in the U.S., Asia, and Europe on ways to improve crisis communication efforts for their clients. He has given presentations to practitioner and government groups in the U.S., Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Singapore, Norway, Estonia, Indonesia, and South Korea. Dr. Coombs has spoken at universities in China, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Belgium and Indonesia. He was the NEMO visiting professor at Lund University, Helsingborg Campus in 2013 and was a Fulbright Scholar at Tallin University in 2013. (EMScom/mc/hfu)

Date & Time: October 9, 2014, 17:30 – 20:00
Location: Credit Suisse Forum St. Peter, St. Peterstrasse 19, Zurich
– 17.30 hrs: Doors opening
– 18:00 hrs: Welcome by USI Università della Svizzera italiana and .HarbourClub.
– 18:15 hrs: Stakeholders: Assets or Liabilities in a Crisis? Professor Timothy Coombs, Professor of Crisis Communication, University of Central Florida
– 19:15 hrs: Q&A session
– 20:00 hrs: Apéro riche

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