Appway: A new real-time collaboration tool

Appway: A new real-time collaboration tool

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Zurich – In response to the growing need for ad hoc collaboration at businesses worldwide, Appway has developed Appway Workspace Collaboration. This new module enables clients and teams to collaborate in the context of their work within the Appway Workspace.

With the ability to work together across teams in real time, people can solve problems on the spot without switching applications.

Competent and transparent problem solving
Appway Workspace Collaboration is a critical solution to many challenges companies are facing worldwide. As work becomes increasingly complex, collaboration becomes essential. Yet across organizations, people are struggling to collaborate as flooding email inboxes and a jungle of communication tools waste time and fuel disorganization. Appway devised this new solution to solve these problems and meet the needs of its customers. In the context of structured processes, Appway Workspace Collaboration enables ad hoc collaboration so that people can step out of the guided workflow and incorporate experts instantly in the task at hand. Within case management applications where conversations around a case are often scattered or lost, Appway Workspace Collaborations keeps discussions together alongside the case. This way, the communication history is organized and available to all collaborators for competent and transparent problem solving.

To learn more about this new module, join the webinar on January 27, 2015

About Appway
Appway empowers the service industries to move beyond automation toward ongoing digital transformation. With its seamless orchestration of people, knowledge, and systems, Appway promotes collective intelligence and enables businesses to reinvent for the digital age. Headquartered in Zurich with offices in Ticino, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Appway and its award-winning technology serve over 120 service institutions and 175,000 individuals worldwide. More Information:

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