Appway Wins WealthBriefingAsia Award for Best Client Onboarding in Hong Kong

Hanspeter Wolf
Hanspeter Wolf, CEO & Founder Appway. (photo: Appway)

Hanspeter Wolf, CEO & Founder Appway. (photo: Appway)

Zurich – Appway was awarded *WealthBriefingAsia*’s Best Client Onboarding Award for its innovative products and services that help banks digitalize across Hong Kong and APAC. The prestigious award, which was presented before an audience of over 300 senior banking professionals in Hong Kong, commends Appway for its cutting-edge software at a time when its services are expanding across the greater APAC region.

Evaluating companies based on “independence, integrity and genuine insight,” the judges—experts from private banks, trusted advisors, and clients—recognized Appway Client Onboarding as an innovative solution that empowers wealth managers to seamlessly onboard new clients and complex portfolios while promoting efficiency, compliance, and exceptional customer experience.

“Over the past few years, we have seen a growing demand for our services and have begun working with major local banks in the region,” said Yvonne Mok, Appway’s Director of Sales in APAC. “We are honored to be recognized for our continued commitment to the Hong Kong market and to our growing local customer base.”

Appway Client Onboarding is a software solution for financial institutions that focuses on end-to-end automation, client-centric servicing and compliance. This award is one of a series of recognitions Appway has received in 2016 for its client onboarding solution and services. (Appway/mc/ps)

About Appway
Appway empowers the service industries to move beyond automation toward ongoing digital transformation. With its toolsets, leadership, community, and methodology, Appway enables companies to revolutionize their business models and processes. Headquartered in Zurich with offices in Geneva, Ticino, London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Appway and its award-winning technology serve over 165 service institutions and 420,000 individuals worldwide.
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