Information Builders and Capital Markets Consulting Launch Global Partnership to Address Risk Management

Gerald Cohen
Gerald Cohen, President und CEO von Information Builders.

Gerald Cohen, CEO und President Information Builders.

New York and Boston – Today at the 2015 CEB Financial Services Technology Summit, Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, announced a global partnership with Capital Markets Consulting to help banks, investment managers, and regulators facilitate improved data analysis and enable better informed investment decisions, manage risk, and meet regulatory requirements. The solution pairs Information Builders’ data integration and integrity solutions with Capital Markets Consulting’s expertise in regulatory, risk, and finance change delivery, providing a comprehensive management platform for risk data aggregation and risk reporting.  

The joint offering enables the transformation of data and the data management culture within investment banks, ensuring that data is properly prepared, maintained, managed, and governed. This allows firms to meet changing regulatory requirements and better calculate aggregated risks through accurate, complete, consistent, and real-time access to data. As a result, companies can ensure more transparent reporting, improved decision-making and greater competitive advantage. The partnership also benefits regulators by ensuring better quality of information throughout the banking industry, providing them with increased insight to spot systemic risks or other patterns of activity.

“The massive consolidation in the financial services sector, combined with ever increasing complexity of service offerings and explosive growth in the volume of data, has left many investment banks on the back foot when it comes to timely access to accurate, current, and consistent data,” said Steve Wyer, managing director at Capital Markets Consulting. “Our partnership with Information Builders is putting data in the driver’s seat, helping investment banks extract real value and transform their data into business aligned assets.”

“Our global relationship with Capital Markets Consulting gives investment banks the tools they need to take control of their data,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO, Information Builders. “Not only does this help organizations meet the ever increasing regulatory burden, but also delivers tangible business benefits – not the least of which is maintaining an edge on the competition.”

Information Builders will be exhibiting at Kiosk 8 at the 2015 CEB Financial Services Technology Summit. Executives will be in attendance to elaborate on the benefits of the Capital Markets Consulting partnership and discuss the role of BI and analytics in finance in greater detail. The company is also sponsoring a breakout session at 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21 titled, “Enhancing the Customer Experience with Analytics.”

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About Capital Markets Consulting
Capital Markets Consulting is a regulatory, risk, and finance change delivery consultancy. It provides skills, expertise, tooling, and methodology that enable clients to develop, deliver, and embed significant transformations within their business. It specializes in providing consulting and delivery services within the financial services sector with a particular focus upon capital markets and investment banking, insurance, and investment management.
Capital Markets Consulting has considerable expertise and proprietary IP, systems, and techniques within the areas of capital and RWA management and reporting, liquidity management, collateral optimization, and risk data aggregation.
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