Marc Andreessen: «The ‹then what› is whatever we invent next.»

Marc Andreessen: «The ‹then what› is whatever we invent next.»

Bemerkenswertes Interview von Chris Anderson in der Reihe der «Wired Icons» Interviews.

«The Internet is still the Wild West. Eight years ago, Facebook was just a gleam in a Harvard sophomore’s eye. It is still possible to build these things from scratch.»

«What makes Airbnb function is its software engine, which matches customers to properties, sets prices, flags potential problems. It’s a tech company—a company where, if the developers all quit tomorrow, you’d have to shut the company down. To us, that’s a good thing.»

«Software is eating the world. The Internet has now spread to the size and scope where it has become economically viable to build huge companies in single domains.»

«The next stops, I believe, are education, financial services, health care, and then ultimately government—the huge swaths of the economy that historically have not been addressable by technology.»

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