Entrepreneurs Camp in Lucerne: Silicon Valley style company building in Switzerland

Entrepreneurs Camp in Lucerne: Silicon Valley style company building in Switzerland

Lucerne – Global Entrepreneurs Camp 2016 is conducted by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Europe who went from zero to exit, from local to global, from scratch up to $5 Billion in revenue.

The Entrepreneurs Camp Program is for entrepreneurs looking for high growth potential or creating a new startup. The program will help answer some of the most burning questions. The instructors in this program have built companies in Silicon Valley and Europe from zero to exit. All those companies have been going from local to global and range from some 100 million to 5 billion in revenue. The team of Mentors will guide you as adviser for 3 month after you completed the program.

Program details:

  • Day 1 — Foundation for a highly successful business
  • Day 2 — Profound Strategy Development
  • Day 3 — Traction & Massive Growth
  • Day 4 — Execution
  • Day 5 — Funding & Investor Relations

Three month mentorship included
After you completed the program, Society3 will mentor you as your adviser for three month. In other words you get professional guidance when executing what you learned.

You will work with one of our local mentors in Silicon Valley or Europe or with one of us remotely if we don’t have any adviser in your area available. Mentorship includes one call or meeting, about 45 minutes each, every other week (6 calls or meetings in total). If special support is needed you can still work with our mentors on individual arrangements. Some maybe open to join your advisory board or even help you set one up. (mc/hfu)

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