Still Searching – An Online Discourse on Photography

Still Searching – An Online Discourse on Photography

Walead Beshty.

Winterthur – The new blog launched by Fotomuseum Winterthur, enters its next phase with Walead Beshty (*1976). 

The internationally known photographer, professor and writer who lives and works in Los Angeles, will be blogging for Fotomuseum Winterthur until the end of May 2012. Beshty’s concern is the exceptional position of photography within the (art) world today. Why is it «that photography, a medium that was born less than two hundred years ago, in the midst of the industrial revolution, should be the primary contemporary vehicle of the western pictorial tradition?», is just one of the questions he asks in his first post. Read Walead Beshty’s complete post and share your own thoughts on (Fotomuseum/mc/hfu)

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