Successful launch of ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland

Successful launch of ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland
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Zurich – Zurich Invest AG has successfully launched ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland. After allocation of the shares, the fund will receive funds amounting to approximately 400 million Swiss francs.

The first tranche of the newly launched ZIF Real Estate Direct Switzerland fund was over-subscribed. 3.2 million shares have been allocated. Martin Gubler, CEO of Zurich Invest Ltd, is very satisfied with the successful launch: «Within a short space of time, we were able to build a solid diversified real estate portfolio with selected real estate gems for a broad investor base. We are delighted with the confidence placed in our new fund management company.» The real estate fund plans to acquire attractive properties with a current market value of over one billion Swiss francs.

Second tranche planned for the second half of 2019
The capital increase with the second tranche of real estate is planned for the second half of 2019. Initial investors also have the option of investing in the growth of the attractive real estate portfolio. The second and third tranches are of equal value to the first and also in-clude high-quality existing properties in prime locations. In order to make the fund acces-sible to other investors, the fund management company is planning a stock exchange listing on the Swiss Exchange. Zurich Invest Ltd is a fund management company approved by FINMA. The wholly owned subsidiary of the Zurich Group manages investments totalling around 35 billion Swiss francs. (Zurich/mc)

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