SwissOne Capital: Late February 2024 Crypto Boost

SwissOne Capital: Late February 2024 Crypto Boost
Kenny Hearn, Chief Investment Officer SwissOne Capital. (Foto: SwissOne, Moneycab)

From Kenny Hearn, Chief Investment Officer at SwissOne Capital

We have been investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) opportunities in our SwissOne Metaverse ETI strategy as well as decentralized hardware infrastructure to support the development of AI and the fruits of this strategy are paying dividends. The world is awakening to the incredible potential productivity enhancements that come with the use of AI, the importance of which cannot be understated as global debt levels rise to all-time highs.

Building AI alongside a decentralized hardware infrastructure in an open-source environment such is the global crypto landscape carries so many benefits to all participants, in particular, safety and security.

But we will cover more about this high growth market segment in the months ahead. Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to find out more about our Metaverse ETI.

Securing Safe Custody over Digital Assets – MPC vs Cold Storage (CS)

Securing digital assets using decentralized ledgers is a significant pain point for many newcomers to the global crypto landscape, and perhaps, rightly so. The technical level of expertise for safe adoption and DIRECT custody of significant amounts of money is not something most of the global population is accustomed to, particularly in the wealthy segment of the population.

Security and Custody is something we at SwissOne have always prided ourselves upon with ZERO breaches to date. Until now we have kept the majority of our clients’ assets in cold storage using hardware security modules (HSMs) in military-grade secure locations. However, if one has been at the forefront of the development of security, like we have, you will know that advancements in digital wallet security has led to enhanced security mechanisms.

The enhancement comes in the form of Multi-Party Computational (MPC) wallets.

Cold wallet storage is a secure way to protect the storage of private keys, however, they are kept in a secure SINGLE location and limit investor abilities to take advantage of staking opportunities, for example.

In an MPC setup, the private key is never fully reconstructed in a single location; instead, it is distributed among multiple parties, and computations involving the private key are performed collectively without any party having access to the complete key.

This means that even if one party is compromised at a single location, the attacker wouldn’t gain access to the full private key. When a cold storage wallet’s private key is kept in a single location, it introduces a potential vulnerability. If an attacker gains access to that location and obtains the private key, they effectively have control over the associated cryptocurrency funds.

Therefore, cold wallet storage relies heavily on physical security while MPC is distributed security.

The greatest advantage that comes with MPC is flexibility in terms of security as well as the ability for trusted 3rd party investment managers to enhance portfolio returns through the staking of assets and portfolio adjustments without gaining access to the underlying funds.

The SwissOne Top 50 crypto Index fund is in the process of moving over to an MPC security structure setup, not only to enhance security over client funds, but to also gain access to highly secure asset staking mechanisms to enhance portfolio returns.

Contact: [email protected] for further information.

Bitcoin Technical Outlook: The Bitcoin market is currently consolidating between the $50-53k price levels after having broken through the local high of $49k. We spoke of a high probability of a retesting of these previous high in our last Boost and the market made light work of this resistance level. $53k was our target for the next move and the market has just managed to touch as the new localised high. We suspect consolidation at the current levels for a week or thereabouts before the next push higher to between $55-58k supported by continued ETF demand. So far, every single day in February 2024 has produced a net buying of Bitcoin ETFs. (SwissOne Capital/mc/ps)

Why SwissOne Capital?
SwissOne offers seamless access in to the Crypto Asset ecosystem via traditional market channels. Offering the Top 50 Crypto Assets momentum-weighted as well as Smart Metaverse strategies, SwissOne brings you direct and sensible exposure to this uncorrelated and high growth asset class. Operating with institutional-grade European financial service providers, there is a safe and secure passage from traditional markets into Crypto Assets.

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