Coface Country Risk Conference – 29. October 2020

Coface Country Risk Conference – 29. October 2020
(illustration: Coface)

«HOW to Manage Risks during a Global Pandemic»

In the light of the current global Covid-19 Pandemic, no one really knows where the journey will lead. Economic growth has fallen in a dramatic way during the recent pandemic months and corporate insolvencies around the world are on the rise. In these uncertain times, it is of utmost importance to get reliable information first-hand.

This year’s Coface Country Risk Conference, in its new web-based format, will provide you with first-hand assessments and findings from proven experts and give you the possibility to directly raise your questions during the panel-discussion.

The invited experts will elaborate on the following questions in their presentations and in a panel discussion:

  • Who is hit most by the Covid 19 shock?
  • Who benefits from the «new normal»?
  • Is this the end of the global value chain as we know it?
  • How will the pandemics change our behaviour?
  • Are there further pandemics on the way?
  • How can we prepare for future global pandemics?

We are delighted to invite you to this exclusive Coface Country Risk Conference and look forward to a most interesting online event together with you:

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You can expect a varied program with interesting speakers.



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