Robeco Group announces strategy 2014-2018: accelerate growth

Roderick Munsters

Roderick Munsters, CEO Robeco.

Rotterdam – Robeco has been working on the development of its strategy for 2014-2018 since the acquisition of a 90 percent stake in Robeco Groep N.V. by ORIX Corporation in July 2013. The revised strategy is based on the growth ambitions of Robeco and its majority shareholder. With ORIX as the new majority shareholder and the successful completion of Robeco’s strategy 2010-2014, the next step for Robeco is to focus on growth in the coming years.

Robeco’s strategy 2014-2018 will further build on the foundations laid in the previous strategy period. During that period Robeco’s assets under management have grown from EUR 132 billion at the start of 2010 to EUR 205 billion at the end of 2013, of which 47% are institutional. The EBIT  has increased by 84% from EUR 157 million in 2010 to EUR 290 million in 2013. Robeco has also been successful in realizing attractive investment returns and outperformance for clients; in 2013 75% of its products outperformed their benchmark (over a three-year period, gross of fees). Despite a year of ownership change, Robeco managed to attract a net inflow of EUR 1.5 billion and realized a net profit of EUR 118 million in 2013.

Strategy 2014-2018
The strategy 2014-2018 focuses on growth in three regions, the US, Europe and Asia. In these regions Robeco and ORIX have a strong presence and foundations on which further expansion can be realized. Growth is expected to come from existing and new activities expanding from Robeco’s current base. Robeco expects to exceed an AuM level of EUR 300 billion in 2018 from organic growth. During this period Robeco and ORIX will also look for acquisition opportunities.

Roderick Munsters, CEO Robeco: «Robeco has an 85 year heritage in servicing clients with asset management services and we want to remain a trusted long-term partner for our clients globally. We expect substantial growth in the US, Europe and Asia. At this time, approximately half of our AuM and clients originate from the US and we see strong growth potential in this market. We also see good potential in Asia and Europe, where we will expand in the coming years. The Netherlands remains a key market, in which we offer attractive investment products, solutions and service levels to our clients.» (Robeco/mc/ps)

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