Report Includes Appway among App Platform Vendors for Digital Business

Hanspeter Wolf

Hanspeter Wolf, CEO & Founder Appway.

Zurich – Appway has been included among a list of representative app platform vendors in the Forrester Research report “Vendor Landscape: BPM Platforms For Digital Business,” published on November 18, 2015. Included among six app platform vendors, Appway is cited for having positioned its solution as a general-purpose platform that automates three different modes of work: self-service customer tasks, joint collaboration between customers and employees, and back-office work.

Appway is honored to be recognized by Forrester. Hanspeter Wolf, CEO and Founder of Appway said, “We are thrilled to be recognized for empowering organizations along their digitalization journey. It is an honor that Forrester has distinguished Appway as one of the top six app platform vendors in this report.”
To read the report, visit (Appway/mc/ps)

About Appway
Appway empowers the service industries to move beyond automation toward ongoing digital transformation. With its toolsets, leadership, community, and methodology, Appway enables companies to revolutionize their business models, processes, and moments. Headquartered in Zurich with offices in Geneva, Ticino, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Appway and its award-winning technology serve over 165 service institutions and 420,000 individuals worldwide.
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