Spitch Webinar «Customer Experience for Banks: Can we do better & lower costs by using speech technologies?»

Spitch Webinar «Customer Experience for Banks: Can we do better & lower costs by using speech technologies?»
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Zurich – 24 January 2017 at 11:30 am CET Spitch AG in partnership with the BBA will conduct a Business Webinar «Customer Experience for Banks: Can we do better & lower costs by using speech technologies?».

During this webinar, industry experts will describe use cases and their respective business value and discuss:

  1. How banks currently leverage Voice Biometrics (VB) and Speech Analytics (SA) to build a better customer experience, boost sales and decrease costs;
  2. The capabilities of cutting edge SA technology for Customer Experience Management (CEM) – how cascade sentiment analysis and emotion detection provides businesses with a 360 degree view;
  3. Speaker identification versus speaker verification – what is the difference from the security and CEM point of view; How banks and other companies use VB and SA to better comply with regulatory requirements, and avoid regulatory fines and compensation claims;
  4. How to support the internationalisation of their businesses.

Today, customers expect banks to offer the highest level of service. Financial institutions are under pressure to minimize operational costs and at the same time provide a higher level of service to their customers. Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics technology can assist in achieving this goal by:

  • Improving customer experience and loyalty;
  • Offering greater operational efficiency;
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance;
  • Fast tracking digital transformation.

While this webinar is aimed at Financial Services professionals, we are sure that specialists from other industries will benefit from it too – as the core technology is designed in an industry-independent fashion. The webinar will be held in English and participation is free. (Spitch/mc/hfu)

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About the organisers
Spitch is a rapidly growing Swiss based Speech Analytics and Spoken Language Technologies company with a global perspective and a bespoke approach.  In addition to Switzerland, and the U.K., Spitch is currently active in the German, U.S., French, Italian, and Russian markets. Spitch is the first provider of solutions for Swiss German (Schwiizerdütsch) and its many dialects. www.spitch.ch

The BBA is the leading trade association for the UK banking sector with 200 member banks headquartered in over 50 countries with operations in 180 jurisdictions worldwide.  As the representative of the world’s largest international banking cluster the BBA is the voice of UK banking.

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