u-blox news Summer 2012: introducing u-blox 7

Thomas Seiler

u-blox-CEO Thomas Seiler.

Thalwil – With this issue of u-blox news, we are proud to introduce our seventh generation positioning platform, u-blox 7. With the launch of several new satellite positioning systems, particularly Russia’s GLONASS and Japan’s QZSS, we are entering an exciting new era of global positioning where GPS is no longer the only game in town.

That is why all our upcoming u-blox 7 based chips and modules support all deployed and soon-to-be-deployed standards. In our lastest newsletter, we briefly summarize the status of all Global Navigation Positioning Systems («GNSS»), and where we have improved our products to meet the new challenges of multi-GNSS compatibility.

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Summary of contents:

  • GNSS systems today: global status update
  • Beyond GPS: u-blox 7
  • u-blox 7 features for:
    – Telematics
    – Digital Still Cameras
    – Mobile Computing
  • Recent positioning case studies

We hope you enjoy reading our brief newsletter, and welcome any questions or feedback you may have. (u-blox/mc/ps)


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