Wave of talent joined BMC

Wave of talent joined BMC

Elizabeth Xu, Global VP Engineering BMC (Bild: BMC)

Within just the past half-year, an amazing wave of talent has joined BMC with experience from companies like IBM, JDA, EMC, Salesforce.com, Cisco, Tibco, MasterCard, E-Trade, HP, Adobe, and Oracle.

According to BMC, in addition to validating BMC as a leading provider of bi-modal enterprise IT solutions, the combined century-and-a-half worth of software experience represented in this group is building momentum and driving innovation throughout the company. Here’s a snapshot of the new leaders.

Elizabeth Xu, Global VP Engineering: Joined October 2014 A seasoned business and technical leader, Elizabeth was among the first of the wave of new talent at BMC. She has over 15 years of experience in SaaS, big data, and mobile enterprise software, and leads engineering for the company’s service support business.

David Gai, President, Customer Success: Joined November 2014 Drawing on his extensive industry experience, David is unifying BMC’s professional services, customer support, and customer success teams into one focused, streamlined operation.

Nick Utton, Chief Marketing Officer: Joined November 2014 Nick is BMC’s chief visionary and creative director with expertise in driving sales and profit growth. He is most well-known for spearheading MasterCard’s ubiquitous “Priceless” campaign.

Monika Fahlbusch, Chief People and Administration Officer: Joined December 2014 Leading all things related to the happiness of BMC’s global workforce, Monika brings over 24 years of success delivering innovative employee programs to attract and retain talented team members.

Phil Harris, Chief Technology Officer: Joined January 2015 Phil joined BMC with 29 years of technology and industry experience. As a cloud authority, he is driving the company’s overall vision and innovation as well as leading our strategy for data center automation and cloud management.

Sanjay Gupta, Vice President Global Ecosystem: Joined February 2015 Supporting the growth of BMC by transforming and enabling our worldwide ecosystem, Sanjay brings with him 34 years of technology and business partnership expertise.

Don Cash, Vice President Global Inside Sales: Joined March 2015 Don is a seasoned technology sales leader with over 10 years of executive management experience. He is quickly expanding BMC’s global inside sales team to unlock this high velocity channel as a major growth engine. (BMC/mc/hfu)


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