Swiss IXE Group launches in Bolivia operations in the agriculture field with industrial scale

Alejandro Garcia

Alejandro Garcia, CEO IXE Group.

Zurich – On December 21, IXE AGRO announced the official kick-off of the agro-industrial operations focusing in the production of commodities related to Food Security concerns, such as Quinoa, Moringa, and buckwheat, amongst others. These agricultural operations will take place mainly in Bolivia via its subsidiary “Grupo Agricola IXEQUIN S.A.”

IXE AGRO is part of IXE Group, an international conglomerate, based in Zurich, Switzerland, that is involved in natural resources dealings, and holds ownership of an excess of 2 Million hectares of arable land.

Multi-Stakeholder Approach
Alejandro Garcia Alvarez, Chief Executive Officer of IXE stated: «The official start of the operations is the result of great efforts and willingness of our diverse stakeholders: on one side, the growers, the farm associations & the investors; and on the other, the various authorities and Corporate organizations. We all have aligned our interests in a framework that will give benefits for each party involved».

While “Group Agricola IXEQUIN” will focus to develop a structured platform of production, IXE AGRO will add value and sustainability by means of a combination of agro-industrial strategies such as the development of RTE core products rather than simple bulk supply. The agreed plans, forecast at full implementation the cultivation of 1,5 Million hectares, 800,000 plus, direct & indirect jobs will be generated, and a yearly production of more than 4 Million tons of fresh produce, among other key elements. Full implementation is expected to be reached within 10 years.

Sustainability and security
Mr Garcia Alvarez added: «We, the stakeholders of IXEQUIN, have great assets in our hands: our lands and natural resources. Our ancestors have worked on them for generations, and now it is our turn to maximize the use of these lands and secure food sustainability for our community and for the rest of the world. We have initiated a consolidation of our extensive assets of arable land into our Balance Sheet, a strategic move that our investors have greatly welcomed. This robust equity contribution will provide long term view to our investment plans and will position our group as a significant global player, a leading company in arable land».

IXE AGRO has thoroughly thought of a comprehensive development plan by investing in different areas of the production chain, and it is ready to proceed with the implementation work that includes, on one hand, environmental studies, and topographic soil preparation, and on the other hand, crop irrigation methods.

Hundreds of millions dollars project
Mr Antonio Gongora, a representative of IXEQUIN, explained that the work will be done with at least 14 communities of the provinces of La Paz: Pasajes, Aroma, Gualberto Villarroel and Ingavi. Mr Gongora stated: «The company will provide capital and technical assistance such as irrigation systems and micro climate systems that will allow us to increase agricultural production and increase profitability. Investments will be in the frame of 650 million dollars in a span of 10 years. In addition, it is planned for our company to venture into aquaculture projects, adding viability and sustainability». (IXE Group/mc/ps)

About IXE Group
The IXE Group is an international operating company that has grown organically out of a family enterprise rooted in Latin America and is being driven over four generations by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, IXE Group is a conglomerate of companies worldwide all of which are clustered around its main business units, i.e. agribusiness, wealth management, commodity trading and venture capital, and operates offices in Florida and North Carolina with presences in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru.  

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