On the road with Anju: LIFT09 conference, inspiring and connecting

By Anju Rupal

LIFT has been gathering each year since 2006 in Geneva and South Korea. 3 days of Conferences around 750 participants representing 40 countries. Pioneers, leaders in business, government, academia and non-profit organizations. The idea of LIFT came about during a summit in Denmark in 2005 which brings together bloggers of the whole world to discuss possible futures. Laurent Haug  (Entreupreneur and researcher who is interested in understanding how technological innovation is reshaping society and culture) decided to import the concept over to Switzerland. Lift gets  Internationally covered by BBC, AFP or BusinessWeek.

Thinkers who explore  the social impact of new technologies
Lift is a series of events built around a community of doers and thinkers who explore  the social impact of new technologies. Each conference is a chance to turn changes into opportunities, by anticipating the major shifts ahead, and meeting the people who drive them. Talks and workshops are given by some of the moment’s brightest and most inspiring people. One of the participants I interviewed was Dominik Grolimund, CEO www.wuala.com , a Swiss startup, causing quite a stir in the internet scene. «Here comes Wuala! Securely store and back up files online, access them from anywhere, and share your photos, videos, and music with friends and family.» Appears Venture Capitalists are lending a very generous ear.

Dominik Grolimund, CEO www.wuala.com

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