Digital Ocean Cleanup on World Ocean Day

Digital Ocean Cleanup on World Ocean Day
(photo: Liechtenstein Bankers Association)

Vaduz – On World Ocean Day, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) and Swiss Gaming Studio Operal launch their co-produced mobile game, «Ocean Cleanup». This innovative game is set to make a tangible impact by removing over a ton of plastic from the ocean.

Marking World Ocean Day with the launch of «Ocean Cleanup» sends a powerful message. It goes beyond raising awareness – it presents a real, accessible solution for everyone to contribute to ocean cleanup efforts. It also serves as a demonstration to companies of the potential for impact through mobile games.

The LBA’s involvement in this project is another pillar in its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. «We are thrilled to launch this mobile game together with Operal Gaming on World Ocean Day,» said Simon Tribelhorn, CEO of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association. «As financial institutions, we have a responsibility to promote sustainable practices and support initiatives that protect the environment. We hope that this game will raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation and inspire players to take action.»

It is estimated that about 10 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. This corresponds to one truckload per minute. So far, around 80 million tonnes of plastic waste are said to have accumulated in the deeper waters, because only a small part of it floats on the surface.

Designed to engage children and casual gamers alike, «Ocean Cleanup» challenges players to collect drifting plastic in the ocean. Not only does this game offer a relaxing gaming experience, but it also rewards top players each month with real-world plastic removal certificates. This unique feature allows players to directly contribute to crucial environmental cleanup efforts.

«Our ambition is to gameify impact. Ocean Cleanup perfectly represents this vision, and the Liechtenstein Bankers Association is the ideal partner to spread the message about corporate responsibility in environmental issues,» said Toni Caradonna, President of the Board of Operal.

The launch is also backed by the support of the World of Windsurfgirls, an independent foil windsurf team of female athletes aiming for the gold at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. These inspiring young role models will support the game in their social media activities, championing the mission of a cleaner ocean.

The certificates for the Ocean Plastic removal will be issued using the protocol on the celo blockchain.

«Ocean Cleanup» is available for free from today on the Operal website and on the Google Playstore for a price of $5 USD. (LBA/mc/ps)

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