Quartal Financial Solutions appoints Karl Landert to strengthen its Board of Directors

Karl Landert

Karl Landert, new appointed member of the Board of Directors at Quartal Financial Solutions. (photo: Quartal Financial Solutions)

Zurich – Quartal Financial Solutions AG (Quartal), a leading provider of fee billing, revenue, expense, and commission management solutions, today announced that Karl Landert has become an investor in Quartal and appointed to the company’s Board of Directors with effect from May 15th 2013. The appointment of Karl Landert marks an important milestone at Quartal and brings new skills and experience to the Board of Directors that will be of real benefit to Quartal.  

Until recently, Karl Landert was the global CIO and a member of the Executive Board of Credit Suisse Group. Prior to his tenure with Credit Suisse, Karl held various executive management positions at Novartis and IBM Switzerland. Karl Landert graduated from ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich’s Department of Physics and holds a Master’s degree in Business Management. Following his retirement from Credit Suisse in March 2013, Karl now focuses on a portfolio of direct investments in companies, continues to advise senior leaders and is a non-executive director in technology companies.

Quartal is one of the few specialized solution providers in the financial services industry that exclusively focuses on revenue, expense, fee and commission management for leading asset managers, banks, insurance companies, securities services providers, fund administrators and transfer agents worldwide. Quartal’s products enable the automation of complex calculation, payment and invoicing processes alongside sophisticated reconciliation, budgeting, expense, contract management and high-end reporting capabilities. Quartal’s impressive track record of leading market players around the globe is its best credential.

As an active investor in Quartal, Karl Landert commented: «Quartal is a very exciting company. Their unique market position and the strength of Quartal’s international client base have enabled the company to become a major niche player in a constantly growing and ever changing innovative financial market. Commission, fee, expense and revenue management are crucial topics that are of utmost concern for any global financial institution. I look forward to shaping the future of Quartal and working alongside my colleagues on the Board as the company positions itself for further growth.»

“Karl Landert’s decision to become a shareholder and Board Member is a real vote of confidence in Quartal and confirms that we are on the right track to become a globally recognized market leader in fee billing, revenue and expense management,” said Thierry Zuppinger, Chief Executive Officer at Quartal. “Together with the tremendous experience of Ralph Mogicato, former CEO of Solutions Providers, a renowned Swiss consulting company with international focus on banks and insurance, and Adrian Bult, former Deputy CEO of Avaloq, a leading core banking system vendor, who are our long term private investors and Board Members, as well as Andreas Etter who is a representative from Quartal’s institutional investor KMU Capital, Karl’s addition to Quartal’s Board of Directors will help us drive the company’s strategic roadmap and international expansion to serve our customer’s global strategic projects deployed on a single technology platform for greater efficiency, cost savings and customer service excellence.” (Quartal Financial Solutions/mc/ps)

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