Senior care startup DomoSafety raises record amount from

Steffen Wagner
Steffen Wagner, CEO (Foto:

Zürich – DomoSafety recently closed its Series A financing round. The elderly homecare startup raised more than CHF 2 million in two tranches from private investors including a record CHF 1’060’000 from the leading business angel platform This is the largest sum has ever contributed to a single financing round. “investiere helped us secure the necessary capital as well as the right smart money investors to achieve our ambitious goals,» states Guillaume DuPasquier, chairman and co-founder of DomoSafety.

DomoSafety has developed a solution that allows the elderly to continue living independently while ensuring a greater degree of safety. The intelligent care system detects behavioural patterns and notifies health care professionals or family members when early signs of fragility or an urgent incident has been detected.

With more than 10 distribution partners already secured in Switzerland, the Lausanne-based startup has commenced its international expansion and set up pilot projects in Germany, Italy, Belgium and France. DomoSafety has also established a licensing agreement for the Asia-Pacific region with a leading South Korean provider of home care technologies. In addition, DomoSafety is the initiator and main business partner of an international initiative including the EPFL, the Lausanne University Hospital, a Korean hospital and the largest Korean nursing school. The aim of this project is to prevent neurological diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. This CHF 2.5 million international project is supported by the Korean and Swiss government and was officially announced during a visit to South Korea by Switzerland’s President of the Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann. (

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