The Revolutionary Movement of Old Wall Street into Tokenization

The Revolutionary Movement of Old Wall Street into Tokenization
Asher Edelman, chairperson of ARTBnk

The digital era and the advent of crypto trading have truly transformed our lives. If Bitcoin can displace the dollar, security tokens are live on the blockchain and replacing securities, as we speak. If one is looking to partake in tokens, an organization such as ArtBnk, which serves the $1.742 trillion art industry, would be an interesting prospect.

The tokenization of capital markets is its natural evolution towards a democratic, transparent system that offers liquidity and frictionless exchanges. Security tokens are reshaping the way we think about portfolio management, blockchain, and regulatory compliance. Asher Edelman is chairperson of ARTBnk and he has partnered with Tokengate to tokenize shares of ArtBnk for the sharp investor. Edelman is a financier ahead of his time and with ArtBnk – a game-changing and disruptive SaaS application – filling the gap between art and the financial market.

What is ARTBnk?

ArtBnk gives the fair market valuation of art in real-time and provides individuals and organizations with the financial gear to manage art as a financial asset. ArtBnk is central to asset management in an industry that is bigger than the private real estate industry. The addressable market reaches tens of millions and art and collectibles revenues are expected to grow to $2.125 trillion by 2023.

ArtBnk solves the massive problem of the lack of transparency and inconsistency around the valuation of art. It predicts the price of a piece of art using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), image recognition, and automated regression analysis. It is a comprehensive tool that provides customers with not just an estimated price but also the value, risk, liquidity, and financial performance of a collection or individual work of art.

Download the ArtBnk app, take a photograph of a painting and submit it. You will receive a valuation in less than a minute. The app goes through 2000 data points in 5 seconds to give you the best estimate of the real value of the painting.

ARTBnk on its way to be a Tech Unicorn

This sophisticated consolidation of art, finance, and technology had not existed until today. ArtBnk is the only company offering instant mark-to-market valuations and market performance analytics through objective AI-powered software. The app examines thousands of pieces of art from its proprietary database and each work is analyzed with 2000+ datapoints that ‌it uses to project the price of an art piece. The comparables have been auctioned previously or have their prices publicized. It is the only database optimized with AI and ML services in the industry.

ARTBnk Auction Sales Database is the only verified and normalized database of auction sales data. With AI doing what it does best, each iteration makes ARTBnk’s technology more accurate, robust, and powerful. It has also partnered with financial data distributors like Bloomberg, the Screener and reputable FinTech platforms like Black Diamond and Addepar to publish a suite of indices. These are used for benchmarking art assets against other asset classes, and they also provide the foundation for financial products such as tradable derivative options, futures, and forwards.

The Avant-garde company is valued at $50 million. It has the potential of ramping this up to 5 times over and is therefore well on its way to becoming a unicorn. With virtually zero competition and annual revenue of more than $10.5 million post-funding, ARTBnk is poised for market dominance.

What Are the ARTBnk Security Tokens?

Influenced by the recent shift towards the digital ecosystem, ARTBnk has joined forces with Tokengate and AF Tech in Switzerland. AF Tech is a Swiss entity and they will issue tokens through Tokengate, these will represent economic rights to the ARTBnk shares under Swiss law. They are specialists in the token economy and will tokenize half of ARTBnk’s shares.

With an established blockchain savvy ecosystem, supported by legal certainty and financial security, Switzerland is one of the few countries that have strong privacy laws and pragmatic regulations in place for tokenization. This made Switzerland and AF Tech a natural choice for ARTBnk.

A security token is a digital representation of a real-world asset, in this case, ARTBnk shares. The advantages of digital securities are:

  1. Faster and simpler access to liquidity.
  2. Streamlined ownership.
  3. Convenient management of shareholder notifications, distributions, cap tables and perks.
  4. Trouble-free auditing and stronger regulatory compliance.
  5. Tokens can be traded freely by eligible investors anywhere in the world.

Digitizing finance represents a phenomenal opportunity. ARTBnk tokens that will be issued by AF Tech are potentially valuable ones, considering the projected growth of the company and the affluent target market.

ARTBnk And Tokengate: A Partnership for The Future

Crypto assets are profitable but always assumed to be a gamble and a volatile investment. But when your digital assets are backed by solid organizations like ARTBnk that are disruptive, innovative, and customer-focused, it is not a wager but an informed investment. It helps that their partnership with blockchain experts like Tokengate ensures transparency, compliance, and a user-friendly exchange for investors. ARTBnk is a venture for those that believe that art needs to be brought forward to the digital age. Its alliance with Tokengate makes it a disruptor in the world of digital investments too. This unique collaboration of art, technology, and finance is perfect for those looking for a reliable, long-term store of value and it is truly one for the books. (ARTBnk/mc/hfu)


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