Appway 5.3: New release improves the entire application lifecycle

Appway 5.3: New release improves the entire application lifecycle

Oliver Brupbacher, Director R&D, Co-Founder Appway.

Zurich – Building software solutions is a journey. In contrast to the traditional waterfall days, the preserving, model-driven architecture of Appway enables organizations to continuously improve their solutions and rapidly adapt to constantly changing environments.

With the release of Appway 5.3, travelling the path of the application lifecycle is greatly enhanced: from design, measurement, and assembly, to execution in runtime.

  • Improved project agility – a new process preview already involves business stakeholders during the very early design phase to gather fast feedback.
  • Increased visibility of business processes – new tracking features enable the monitoring of relevant business data and process metrics.
  • Strengthened integrity of solutions – new refactoring features improve the housekeeping of matured solutions, while maintaining their behavior.
  • Enhanced user experience – new screen components provide the very best industry practice, to improve user interaction and adaption rate.
  • Simplified design phase – new and enhanced import and export extensions are now more open than before, seamlessly leveraging existing work.
  • Easier to integrate and access data – new integration components follow the principles of service-oriented architecture, and open industry standards.

“Appway 5.3 allows organizations to successfully enter the digital age with a sustainable velocity.” Hanspeter Wolf, CEO of Appway

Appway 5.3 and related new components will be released in May 2013. Version 5.2 is required in order to upgrade and access additional products.

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