Spectacular results when Tech meets Art with TeamViewer

Spectacular results when Tech meets Art with TeamViewer

Italian artist, Davide Coltro

Goeppingen – Have you ever walked around a gallery of bright, digital artworks? Italian artist, Davide Coltro, unites technology and art to present his pictures electronically, with spectacular results, to gallery visitors worldwide.

Nadiya Syechina, Netviewer

Davide’s electronic artworks feature in galleries and installations around the world. However, he is able to control and manage each and every one remotely, from his computer. Using TeamViewer, Davide‘s able to reliably and easily perform updates, swap files and alter the experience of his art’s viewers without intruding upon their enjoyment.

I have enjoyed many inspiring conversations with Davide about his art. In this post, he shares with us his story, and how he achieves such phenomenal results with TeamViewer.

Background and invention of electronic art
Davide Coltro: «I was born in Verona and have been living and working in Milan for many years.

After a brief period when I experienced abstract painting with synthetic materials, I realized the potential of the digital world and started a path in creation beyond the material taking on the classical genres of figure, portrait, landscape and still life through contemporary vision.

«I elaborate on a technique of medium color, derived from the mathematical average of all the color tones inside the image.» Davide Coltro

I soon started to dedicate more attention to research, which was pointed towards the use of mass technology. This enabled me, with innovative architectures, to modify the standards of creation, dissemination and enjoyment of art. My research led me to the invention of the electronic artwork or “System” which is still an ongoing project.

My electronic artworks have been widely seen and have received substantial public exposure.  Nevertheless, even after 10 years of work I still consider this the beginning of the research path.»

Using technology to reflect on the foundations of art
«From the beginning I never thought of creating something conceptually different from a picture because it is the most important and symbolic object in the history of art. The picture was a great opponent, the extreme limit to overcome, sometimes an embarrassing witness to tradition and a trigger element from which the vanguards were born.»

«I consider my research into electronic pictures as a base to reflect deeply on the fundamentals of creating and enjoying the art.»

Technology provides the tools to make this extension of experience possible, allowing the artist to move toward relational unreleased architectures. After all, even today, the most revolutionary act is to move the foundations of the concept of art starting from the picture. I chose to start making it by changing the surface while we watch it.  My dream is to distribute throughout society potential aesthetic and artistic works, in which flows the stream of becoming.

Being innovative, my works are further complicated in the creation and development stages as there are no references on which they can rely. It is a big problem but also a great opportunity for artistic research and I feel fortunate to work in this direction.»

Using TeamViewer for a spectacular gallery installation
«I discovered TeamViewer when I was developing a project for the 54th Venice Biennale, to which I was invited in 2011. It is one of the most important opportunities for the career of an artist and I had designed a spectacular installation composed of 96 electronic pictures.

I had to choose a reliable software for diagnostics and remote control to be installed in each of the 96 works, which had to be coordinated for the duration of the 6 month exhibition. Due to its known reliability and simplicity of use, the logical choice was TeamViewer. I can happily say I made the right choice.

I have to monitor the operation of the works of art that, from a technical standpoint, are unmanned terminals. When necessary, I intervene to replace files, run tests or to perform system updates.

«In short, TeamViewer is my secret door through which to enter and exit from the works of art even while they are in operation and while the viewers are watching them.»

Your customer support has always been precise, polite and punctual, which for me is very important. I can see at a glance all the works of art that are on and working in the world. If needed, I am able to take control and fix any issues on all of them.

I would say that the functions of TeamViewer, so far as not being noticeable in the visible operation of my artworks, act as an essential framework to bring technology and art together. This collaboration between the mediums forms the necessary basis to enable the paintings to stand the test of time in order to be admired by generations to come. I think TeamViewer is a great help.»

About the Author: Nadiya Syechina
Nadiya Syechina is a sales professional at TeamViewer. She has a BA in German Language and Literature from the University of Odessa as well as a BA in Romance Studies from the University of Hamburg. She has travelled extensively, during which she studied and worked. Nadiya takes special interest in learning new languages and cultures and now speaks six languages fluently. In her free time, she enjoys taking and giving dance classes, scuba diving and traveling to the places where she’s never been before.

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