WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2015

OLYMPIC Banking System (ERI) (© OLYMPIC)

ERI, with its OLYMPIC Banking System software package, is delighted to announce that yet again it has been crowned best in the «Transaction Processing» category for Switzerland, by WealthBriefing, the online journal and news website.

The jury explained: “This award is for the quality of a firm’s excellence in designing, distributing and supporting the OLYMPIC Banking System; a system now in wide use in the sector. Indeed, more than 300 banks use OLYMPIC Banking System, a vote of confidence that cannot be ignored”.

Commenting on the award, Nicholas Hacking, Sales Director at ERI said: «We are proud to have been voted the winners of this prestigious award by independent experts for yet another year. This just goes to show how the industry appreciates the depth of functionality and integration available in the OLYMPIC Banking System». (ERI/mc)

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