Symposium on generations – what matters?

Symposium on generations – what matters?

Symposium on generations (Bild: Swiss Re).

Zurich – The Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue and the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute organize the «Symposium on generations – what matters». The symposium will be held at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon, Switzerland on 30 October 2012 from 13:00 to 17:30.

What is a generation? The Oxford English Dictionary provides the following definition, «the average period, generally considered to be about thirty years, in which children grow up, become adults, and have children of their own». In 1900 the world life expectancy was approximately 30 years. In 2012 the number is 67.2 years and it is ever increasing. The numbers tell the story and this phenomenon is having a remarkable impact on the workplace, families and all aspects of society.

The «Symposium on generations – what matters» will address the logistics, the emotions and the reality of multiple generations living and working together. Befitting an event with this title, the speakers range in age from Silver Agers to the Millennials. Our hope is that the audience will be similarly representative of contemporary society. (GDI/mc/hfu)

For more information on the event, the programme and speakers visit the event web page…

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