Longevity Investors Lunch returns to Davos during WEF

Longevity Investors Lunch returns to Davos during WEF

Gstaad – Longevity Investors Lunch returns for the third edition during the 2024 World Economic Forum (WEF). As society undergoes a paradigm shift towards prioritizing health and wellness, the event emerges as a pivotal platform where investors, researchers, and thought leaders will engage in discourse, share perspectives, and unveil the latest developments in longevity science.

Longevity Investors Lunch returns for the third edition during the 2024 World Economic Forum (WEF). The satellite event focusing on longevity and rejuvenation will be organized on January 16th at the Precise Tale Seehof Davos and will discuss the latest technologies and research among prominent scientists, academia, entrepreneurs, and investors. The event will be co-organized by Maximon and Longevity Investors Conference as a prelude to the ‘Longevity Investors Conference’, happening later in 2024, on September 24-27, at Le Grand Bellevue Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland.

60 selected high-level investors and key opinion leaders will gather together and show how far the longevity industry has come. The event will be enriched with several panel discussions, covering different topics from brain health and longevity to longevity supplements and AI. The discussions on stage will feature renowned experts and prominent longevity venture builders such as Prof. Dr. Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, MD, MPH (Professor, internal medicine specialist, Longevity physician at Human Longevity Inc.), Alex Zhavoronkov, Ph.D. (Founder and CEO, Insilico Medicine), Rajiv Ahuja (Associate Director, Milken Institute Future of Aging), Hans Keirstead, Ph.D. (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AIVITA Biomedical, Inc.), Sophie Chabloz (Co-Founder and CPO, AVEA), Dr. Emil Kendziorra (Founder and CEO of Tomorrow Bio and President of the Board at the European Biostasis Foundation) and many more. The event will also feature a keynote speaker, Andrew Steele, scientist and author of the bestseller „Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old“.

The hosts of the event, Dr. Tobias Reichmuth and Marc P. Bernegger (both Co-Founders of Maximon & Longevity Investors Conference), will open the event and shine a light on the importance of bringing the emerging topic of longevity to Davos.

“We are already looking forward to the Longevity Investors Conference, where we will have the opportunity to continue the important conversations started in Davos and involve more longevity leaders on stage who will talk about important developments in the longevity industry as well as investment opportunities in the field.”, says Marc P. Bernegger, Founding Partner at Maximon and the organizer of the Longevity Investors Conference in Gstaad.

The Longevity Investors Conference is the most exclusive conference for longevity investors. It provides relevant insights into the longevity subject, expert education, investment opportunities, and excellent networking opportunities in an exclusive location.

“The motivation to organize the Longevity Investors Conference”, said Dr. Tobias Reichmuth, Founding Partner and organizer, is clear: “The longevity industry is highly attractive for investors. We state a lack of education and information for investors and want to change this. While there are scientific-oriented conferences, a professional and global investor-focused longevity conference has been missing so far.”

Longevity now ranks as one of the most significant forces shaping the global economy, opening up multi-trillion dollar opportunities to reshape societies, hopefully for the better. It has experienced an unprecedented advance over recent years, particularly with the discovery that the rate of aging is controlled, at least to some extent, by genetic pathways and biochemical processes. It will be one of the largest, if not the largest investment opportunity in the decades to come. (Longevity/mc)

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