Meet kasko2go new Scoring Next Gen

Meet kasko2go new Scoring Next Gen
Genadi Man, CEO kasko2go.

Zug – Technology company kasko2go introduce their new scoring platform as an innovative solution for car insurance companies.

Meet our new Scoring Next Gen! We are launching a new scoring platform Scoring NG as a new step in the systematic development of our company. It’s been developed through implementing General AI solutions by our Israeli specialists. University professors and Ph.D. scientists from Switzerland and Israel have participated in this RnD. Patenting this solution will press home our competitive advantages.

Due to detecting upscaling challenges, we have stopped using our previous systems and are cutting ties with our former partners. We’ve completely moved our development competence from Russia. After initial testing on the Eastern European market we switched to using both our proprietary systems and standard tools, such as Google Maps, Bing, etc. This allowed us to focus on our key competences instead of reinventing the wheel. We are ready to expand to world markets. Our negotiations with one of the largest insurance groups in the world is bringing about our 1st live trial in the European community.

Motor Insurance Industry, Prepare for disruption
Following our CTOs (Oleg Korol) experience in the Israeli Air Force, his civilian life in Data Science starts from the stock market as it is the most direct way of using data that is always available and has a direct impact on the profitability of the market participant.

“The idea was to create genetic algorithms to train large sets of neural networks to gain additional insight into the markets.”

Using this knowledge and with the help of a leading EU Actuar the company has developed a new and unique actuary model to better assess the risk factors inherent in the car insurance business to significantly reduce the Loss Ratio of it’s clients. (kasko2go/mc/ps)

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