SwissOne Capital: World’s First Top-50 Crypto Strategy Begins Trading

SwissOne Capital: World’s First Top-50 Crypto Strategy Begins Trading
SwissOne CEO, Steffen Bassler. (photo: SwissOne)

Baar / Switzerland – SwissOne Capital commenced live trading this week with their Swiss-based crypto index product, allowing investors to secure the diversified returns of all major crypto assets. It is the only top 50 institutional grade crypto asset offering in the world, and it unlocks broad exposure to the crypto markets – which are historically uncorrelated with traditional assets. Live trading ensures that its investors always hold an equal-weighted portfolio of the top 50 crypto assets as the market evolves.

Crypto assets are steadily gaining approval from the world’s most powerful governments. The US Federal Reserve made it clear they are “actively looking at” issuing a digital dollar, while China’s president publicly described blockchain as a “core” technology, critical to national prosperity. In recent days, the Chinese government scrapped its previous plans to ban its local Bitcoin mining industry.

These shifts in policy and rhetoric from governments on blockchain technology may finally herald the beginnings of mass adoption. If a significant portion of global wealth really does flow into digital tokens, investors who hold a diverse array of the major assets would benefit hugely from the rising tide of the asset class itself.

SwissOne offers a traditional route for investors to gain access to the potential upside of crypto assets. “There has been an unmet need in the market for some time”, says SwissOne CEO, Steffen Bassler. “Until recently, crypto investors held their own select crypto assets, or they backed a hedge fund with a complex trading strategy – and they had to hope the fund really had this nascent market figured out. We’ve seen a lot of interest from more traditional clients who simply want a broad exposure to the highest quality crypto assets. These investors tend to prefer more traditional and regulated service providers.”

SwissOne Capital is focused on giving qualified investors diversified exposure to institutional grade crypto and blockchain investment products. Their index product provides the widest range of crypto assets to traditional institutions in Switzerland: it’s an equal-weighted smart index portfolio of the top 50 crypto assets, ranked by market capitalisation. The product structure and security setup encompasses 3rd party regulated fund administrators, custodians and brokers, and follows the best practices of the traditional asset management space.

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