OLYMPIC Banking System: new go-live in Morocco at the CDG Group

OLYMPIC Banking System: new go-live in Morocco at the CDG Group
OLYMPIC Banking System (ERI) (© OLYMPIC)


Geneva – ERI is delighted to announce that CDG Capital has gone live with the OLYMPIC Banking System® on a Linux/ORACLE® platform. CDG Capital, an investment bank established in 2006, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) whose head office is in Rabat.

CDG Capital’s service offering to its institutional and private clients revolves around 3 key areas of expertise: Asset Management, Corporate – Investment Banking and Alternative Investment. In this demanding context, the OLYMPIC Banking System will be the core IT solution for running the bank’s Account, Treasury, Corporate Lending and Regulatory Reporting operations. The OLYMPIC Banking System, which is connected to the Moroccan clearing system (SIMT), also has a built-in capability to handle payment flows.

The bank is forging ahead with the modernisation of its IT systems and the second phase involving the installation of the OLYMPIC Banking System e-Banking solution is now underway. (ERI/mc/ps)

About ERI
ERI is an international company specialising in the design, development, distribution and support of the integrated, real-time banking and wealth management software package: OLYMPIC Banking System®. Operating in many of the major financial centres, ERI is present in Geneva, Zurich, Lugano, London, Luxembourg, Singapore and Paris.
ERI is focused on providing comprehensive, quality software with effective system implementation assistance and efficient on-going maintenance and support for clients worldwide.
More than 300 banks and financial institutions across over 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia have already chosen the OLYMPIC Banking System®.

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