Impact Hub Zürich: Summerpreneurship, Startups needed!

Impact Hub Zürich: Summerpreneurship, Startups needed!

Zurich – Too many talented young people start a ‘traditional career’ without having experienced the alternative career path of becoming an entrepreneur or generally working in the innovation sector. They might have heard about it in theory, but are far away from knowing how reality looks like.

Further, students are more than ever asked to bring along an entrepreneurial, innovative & future-oriented mindset when entering the traditional job market. Yet, there is little room for building up such a way of thinking and as well for its practice. For students, the access to startups or to an innovation organisation, where they can live and breathe the creative spirit of innovation, remains difficult.

The solution: Summerpreneurship
Summerpreneurship brings talented students together with startups for a summer internship from June to August. Students will get a unique experience of the startup world through this innovative program by interning in a startup. This program enables students to try out the startup world in a format with low entry barriers in order to learn how it is to be an entrepreneur and how the innovation sector works.

Benefits for startups

  1. Finding an intern: Participating startups get access to a large pool of pre-selected talented students and find a top-notch intern
  2. HR Training: They develop relevant recruiting skills with experts and put into practice what they learn
  3. Guided Process: They are navigated through the hiring process. Plus, the search and the pre-selection is done by Impact Hub Zürich
  4. Exposure & Network: Startups get broadcasted and gain visibility through our program channels.

Summerpreneurship has been created and organized by Impact Hub Zürich since 2013. Impact Hub Zürich is an association with the vision of creating a thriving innovation ecosystem where people collaborate across organizations, cultures and generations to solve the grand challenges of our time. Impact Hub Zürich is part of the global Impact Hub network including currently 85 Impact Hubs all over the world.

This year, we are partnering here in Zurich with the ETH Zurich and the ZHdK and thanks as well to the support of our long-term partner the Emil & Rosa Richterich-Beck foundation, we are able to conduct Summerpreneurship in 2017. Our collaboration with the ETH Entrepreneurs Club enforces the connection with students and startups of the ETH. (IH/mc/hfu)

Annina Menzi, Program Manager, Impact Hub Zürich, [email protected]

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