Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley brings worldwide attention to Zug

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(image: Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley)

Zug / Switzerland – On 22 November, the Theatre Casino in Zug will play host to the Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley, bringing together the local blockchain community, the cream-of-the-crop in international blockchain startups as well as industry leaders in a first-of-its-kind event.

International speakers include William Mougayar, renowned blockchain author and General Partner at Virtual Capital Ventures, Richard Kastelein, Partner at Crypto Assets Design Group, Arie Levy Cohen of CFO of Singular DTV and President of Blockhaus and Luka Müller, one of the leading legal minds in the blockchain and crypto space.

The culmination of the Summit will be the presentation of the Top 10 teams from the Blockchain Competition 2017 (#blockchainforinsurance) and selection of the winner – who takes home the top prize of $100 000. This year’s Competition attracted 107 applicants from over 30 different countries.

Blockchain Summit tickets are available here with Early Bird discounts good until 14 October.

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