Interview with Marty Weiner, founding engineer Pinterest, former CTO Reddit

Interview with Marty Weiner, founding engineer Pinterest, former CTO Reddit
Marty Weiner, founding engineer Pinterest, former CTO Reddit

By Helmuth Fuchs

Marty Weiner, founding engineer of Pinterest, former CTO of Reddit in the interview

  • on pitfalls for rapidly growing companies

«The scariest thing is not building an effective culture.»

«It’s one thing to build tech and make it wrong, you can fix it. Culture you can fix, but it’s a whole lot harder.»

  • on how to keep all the stakeholders happy and in balance

«The very interesting issue happens when you’re in between what you think is right and the users think is right. You have to balance the very, very carefully.»

  • on how to prepare an engineers mind to the chaotic startup environment

«You have to teach the engineers that madness is part of the job.»

  • on how to make Switzerland more successful for startups

«Funding is critical. In the Silicon Valley, founders can get very good terms for what they are building.»

  • on the most important upcoming technological breakthroughs

«I think AR (Augmented Realty) is huge. That’s to me the next revolution the same way the smart Phone was a big revolution.»

  • on the loss of trust in credible sources for news

«The problem is, we need to solve fake news in the same we we have gotten really good on Spam, account takeovers or hacking. And we have got to solve fake news at the source.»

  • on his current work and his next goals

«I am working on a book how you build companies from zero to big. Another thing I am fascinated with is how you get information into the human brain in a smoother way.»

  • on which problem he would solve when given unlimited resources

«I am particularly worried about how  AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation is going to affect peoples day to day lives. Now we may be hitting that part of the curve where you have more jobs being lost than created.»

Marty Weiner on Linkedin

The interview was conducted at the Digital Festival

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