US-Swiss Exchange on Blockchain Innovation and Regulation

US-Swiss Exchange on Blockchain Innovation and Regulation
(Illustration: Swiss FinTech Innovations)

The Distributed Ledger Technology, better known as Blockchain, has become well known first of all as crypto currencies. Blockchain technologies, however, contribute much more than just to the creation of digital currencies. Even more important are the perspectives for a future in which the basis of exchange and trade, but also roles and trust, can be completely rethought. Blockchain technology has the potential to serve as an everyday technology, and create a variety of new opportunities.

We follow the technology and its regulation in the USA and Switzerland. Get insights from experts from the USA and Switzerland. What views and approaches are pursued over here and over there?

This event will be hosted by economiesuisse, the U.S. Embassy (Bern) and Swiss FinTech Innovations. (Swiss FinTech Innovations/mc/ps)

Wednesday, 15 May 2019
8:00 am – 2:00 pm (Local time)

Fifa Museum, Zurich


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